Sweet potato

A Transverse style 12 hole ocarina by Charlie Hind.

Basic InformationEdit

Transvere style ocarinas are the most common and well known type of ocarina. They come in numerous sizes and can be found with anything between six to twelve holes. Double style ocarinas with up to 17 holes can also be found in Transverse model.


These Ocarinas are unique due to the fact that in order to change pitches, all that is required is to open one additional hole. They can cover the majority of pitches and keys, although for higher pitches Pendant Ocarinas should be used (for best results).


As given by the nickname, they normally appear resembling a potato, thin at one end and thick at the other. They can range (normally) from 6 holes to 12, although 10 and 12 holes are the most common.

In popular cultureEdit

Transverse ocarinas are a staply in both Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, in which the usage of songs can manipulate certain factors of gameplay.

The "Ocarina of Time" in LoZ: Ocarina of Time

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