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Darryn Songbird/Durian Songbird

Based in Los Angeles, United States of America

Its Products

By Songbird Ocarina:

  • Dragontooth Ocarina
  • The Muse
  • Eagle Bone Ocarina
  • Shield Ocarina
  • Dove
  • 'One of a kind' Ocarina
  • The Mask Ocarina
  • Sweet Potato Ocarina
  • Fairy Sweet Potato Ocarina
  • OoT
  • Harmony Double Ocarina

By Focalink Ocarina

  • Double Sweet Potato in C
  • Double Bass Sweet Potato in C
  • Triple Sweet Potato in C
  • Novelty Ocarinas
  • 6 holes,11 holes and 12 holes plastic and ceramic ocarinas


Carrying Case


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