Pendant English

an English Pendant.

Basic OverviewEdit

The "Pendant" style ocarina comes in two types, the English and the Peruvian. Generally, they are small oval shaped balls which differ in size, but are generally no longer than 2.5 inches, and no thicker than 1.5 inches. They are best for producing high pitched notes, and are considered the simplest and easiest Ocarinas to play on. They are known as "Pendant Ocarinas" because they can be worn on the neck.


The Pendant ocarinas come in two types:

  • The English Pendant: This is considered a true ocarina, and it uses the English style of holes, which ranges from 4-6 holes. It is extremely simple to use and can be easily carried around as well
  • The Peruvian Pendant: This is considered simply a decoration, although it can be played, albeit a few complications due to the style. It normally ranges from 6-10 holes, and because of its small size, can be considered cumbersome for the fingers with it's maximum amount of holes.
    Peruvian Pendant

    The Peruvian pendant.

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